Waymart Lodge # 542
  14 Annual Charity Raffle


Waymart Lodge #542 14th Annual Raffle

Drawing Date Saturday, December 1st 2020
at Waymart Lodge at 5:00 PM.


1st Prize  $300.00 cash Carol Hunt

2nd Prize  $200.00 cash Bill Vargas

3rd Prize $100.00 cash Deb Harsch

 The Officers and Members of Waymart Masonic Lodge #542 would like to thank everyone for purchasing tickets for this year’s charity raffle.

    With the help of your support, we can continue in our charitable works, such as our many local giving programs, the Dare Program, Christmas Charity, Scholarship Programs, The Pennsylvania Masonic Homes and many other programs that need attention throughout the year.

Again, thank you for your support.

The Members of Waymart Lodge #542

Lodge #542 donates to fire co. 

Waymart Lodge donates to Waymart Fire Co.




Draw Master center with Worshipfull Master and Senior Warden.         Waymart Lodge # 542 donates to Waymart Volunteer Fire Co.

Click here for winners list.

Ranger  Selling last tickets  Tickets  Tickets Spinning   Picking the winner       Donation
Grand Prize       Last sales        Filling the drum    Spin the drum     Pick the winner       Donation to Waymart Fire co.