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Ladies of PA District 14

 Veteran's Service Dog Program



 Our first raffle of the year is in full swing. Please help us make this a successful raffle. If you have not already picked up tickets, get in touch with myself, Chuck Grimm, Joel Costantino, or Joe Johannes. We have a lot of items on the to do list for the lodge (repairs, heating/air conditioning) and I hope to have some extra funds so that we can continue our charitable work.

 I am going to switch it up a little this month and do a program outside of our normal Masonic related programs. This month’s program is one of personal interest to me. I will be discussing my journey into powered paragliding. I hope to see a full lodge for this month’s meeting.

 On this Day in History, May7th

1429 - Joan of Arc and the French Army break the English siege of Orleans

1789 - The first presidential inaugural ball was held for Brother George Washington

1824 - Unconfirmed Freemason, Ludwig van Beethoven premiered his 9th symphony in Vienna. It is considered his finest piece of work.

1914 - US Congress establishes Mother’s Day.

1941 - The British House of Commons votes 477-3 for Brother Winston Churchill

1941 - Brother Glenn Miller records "Chattanooga Choo Choo" for RCA, it becomes 1st record to be designated "gold."


Michael Brundage, WM


Being neither a Christian nor a Jew, a Muslim nor a Hindu, being  a Democrat nor a Republican.  Being black, white, Hispanic, Asian, nor Indian.  Being rich nor poor, has anything to do with me amongst my brethren behind this door.  Only my trust in God, the faith in my brothers, and the charity given to mankind because of my actions matter in this place.


May Dates to Remember          
 District Members @ 7:00 PM
School of Instruction @ 7:30 PM

May 1st – Hall Association Audit – 6:30 PM

May 1st - Rehearsal for Stated Meeting – 7:30 PM

May 2nd - Stated Meeting – 7:30 PM

May 10th – DDGM visit at Kingsbury – 7:30 PM

May 23rd - School of Instruction – Milford Lodge

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Message From The Secretary                                               

DUES    2023   DUES

Dues $70.00 Almoner $5.00

Total $75.00


Message from the Hall Association



District 14 School of Instruction 2023 January 24 Honesdale Lodge 218 February 28 Salem Lodge 330 March 28 Kingsbury Lodge 466 April 25 Waymart Lodge 542 May 23 Milford Lodge 344 August 22 Waymart Lodge 542 September 26 Carbondale Lodge 249 October 24 Honesdale Lodge 218 November 28 Salem Lodge 330



DDGM Don Roa Official Visitation dates for 2023:

March 2 - Honesdale Lodge

March 13 - Salem Lodge

April 4 - Waymart Lodge

May 10 -  Kingsbury Lodge

June 7  -  Carbondale Lodge

June 21 - Milford Lodge


Local news

                  Brethren, Take Notice!!!





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Message from the Lodge Association

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Membership Status Report, 2022


Active Members                                                      151

Members Deceased                                                0

Members Withdrew                                                    0

Members Suspended                                                7

Petitions Pending Action                                           0

Total Petitions for 2022                                             0

Total Membership                                                     151


Help for our Heros

Rainbow for Girls Aurora Assembly # 189 Rainbow for Girls, for more information contact tech08@socantel.net

Next Rainbow meeting will be  at the Waymart Lodge.

Waymart Rainbow assembly #189 meets on the first and third Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Lodge Hall. All girls between the age of 11 and 21 are welcome to attend. Any Questions call Joe Johannes at 470-3103

Pledge Group ages 6 to 10 first Thursday of each month call 470-3103 for more information.